How Can Social Media Impact My Relationship with My Partner?

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So how can social media impact a relationship with a partner? Well, very practically speaking in my practice, I see many people who are Facebook-ing more with friends than they are face timing with their partners. So I think that, first of all, social media can be a very, very powerful digital distraction.

And with sex rates being kind of epidemic, and people leading such busy lives I think sometimes we spend too much time on social media and not enough time with our partners. Now of course the other thing is that relationships in reality are hard work they are not always exciting there are highs, there are lows, there are benull moments and I think that social media sometimes offers us a romantic fantasy, a chance to reconnect with an old lover, a former flame and there have been lots of cases of infidelity that begun with a Facebook connection.

So I think when you are on Facebook and you are talking to men and you are talking to women you are potentially meeting people you used to go to school with, you are feeling a little nostalgic for the past, I just think you have to be a little vigilant and you have to think about protecting your relationship and making sure you are not letting any negative influences into your relationship what you can do with social media.

The other thing that I find about social media is, it's nice in relationships to have a little bit of mystery a little bit of unpredictability, a little bit of the unknown that's kind of what relationships and sexual attraction are kind of based on, and when you are on Facebook with your partner and you know for example that your wife had four cappuccinos today, just could be a little too much information.

You don't need to share every little benull thing, as couples we have to sometimes work to cultivate a little more mystery. So those are few of the potential pit balls of social media.