How Can I Pinpoint Why My Libido Is Low?

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[MUSIC] hi I'm sex therapist Ian Connor here with today share care sex tip of the day, figuring out what is wrong with your libido some time takes a little bit of detective work you kind of have to think of sort of like Sherlock Holmes of your own libido or even your partner's libido because sexual health is a barometer of overall health so if your libido is low it could be for a number of reasons it could be very likely your life style maybe you are really stressed out there's a lot on your mind you've been arguing with your partner or arguing with your mother-in-law that can have an affect health is so important if you're not taking care of your body, if you're not eating well, if you're not exercising, if you're occasionally smoking, if you're drinking too much.

All of those things impair libido. If you're on a medication we're just learning about all of the sexual side effects, that so many different medications have and so many different combinations of medications. So, in some ways you have to think about your libido a little bit.