How Can I Have a Fun Date With My Partner?

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[MUSIC] hi I'm sex therapist Ian Canner and am here with the share care sex tip of the day so how can you have a sexy spicy fun date with your partner? Well first for let me say go out on that date I can't tell you how many couples I work with who haven't been been out on a date night in days, weeks, months believe it or not in some cases years so just getting out with your partner and having fun doing something interesting is crucial.

You know when you are out and you're doing something fun with your partner, it stimulates dopa-mine transmission. Dopamine is a very important neurotransmitter that plays a big role in sexual excitement and arousal, and the nice thing about dopa-mine is that it's stimulated by newness and novelty.

Any time you do something new, anytime you do something novel, you are stimulating dopa-mine transmission in your brain. And that stimulation is transferable when you get home into your bedroom, so go out, do something fun, take a little risk together, have some excitement.