How Can I Boost My Sexual Drive?

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Hi, I'm sex therapist Ian Carner, and I'm here with today's Sharecare sex tip of the day. So what can you do to boost your libido? You know it's a really common problem to be feeling a little less desire than usual, maybe you sort of want to want sex, you kind of think of yourself as a sexual person but you're just not that interested in sex.

Well, I think that that is a kick start that should be a jump start to start kind of finding new ways to stimulate sexual desire. The thing that I always say is that the brain is really our biggest sex organ and if you're not starting with sort of the mental aspect of sex your body may not kick into gear and so what do I mean about the mental aspect? Well share a sexy fantasy with your partner.

Say to you partner, hey I had a super sexy daydream about you today, and then get rolling or, go out and buy a copy of 50 Shades of Grey, or some other work of Erotica. There are so many great Erotica novels and different genres, that will get your mind going there are also so many amazing websites and stores that sell sex toys.

You can walk into your local drug store and find vibrators and arousal gels. So kind of think of sex as something creative and turn your bedroom into a kind of playground. And you need to fill your playground with lot's of fun, toys and accessories.