Are People Meant to Be Monogamous for Life?

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Our last question from Kathy, where is Kathy? Come on up Kathy. I love this question you [xx] from our viewers There we are, tension mounts, what would be the last question? Okay, are we meant to be monogamous? Jane what do you think? I think we are supposed to be monogamous, when I had agreement, when I walked down a lane and there was a preacher there and I said I do I did that in good faith that meant I'm going to be with you for the rest of my life as scary that could be sometimes I look I look at my husband I'm like really you are the last person ever having sex with and I did like that this is all you get baby and we love each other and I think that will create emotional connection [xx] because the sex sometimes stops, when you are 60, 70 or 80 and it's that emotional connection that really keeps a couple together, it does I know people that don't have sex that are in love [xx] There is no reason for that.

So, Laura what do you think, are you talking about sex all the time? First of all, I think she's absolutely right that we make a commitment at the altar, in front of our God, in front of our family, in front of our friends but I absolutely believe that we are not preprogramed, it's in our DNA to be serially monogamous, so when monogamy for life was created, we didn't live past 45.

So monogamy for life wasn't that long, now we're going to live into the 100 thanks to modern medical technology, so that's a long time, and I'm not saying that you shouldn't be monogamous for life but you should be aware that it takes a tremendous amount of work and commitment.

Did you see what see just did when she said tremendous? Tremendous. She reached for my neck and did like this. What do you think? I think the other dimension is also your childhood and what happened to you when you were a child, for me I was a child of divorce, my parents, my dad left when I was like four, my wife's parents are happily married today, and I want to believe in monogamy, I want that so much, but in the back of my mind, the precedent is sort of always like there's an escape path.

Your wife is watching this one. I plan to grow old with my wife. I'm saying it also comes down to your backgrounds and how you were raised and what you grew up with. Greg you're a man of God, but before you answer. I'm from the streets, I am raper first and now I'm monogamous, I wasn't always, and your wife so.

Let me give you one statistic before you mention this, 90% of all primates are not monogamous, 97% of all mammals are not monogamous and this is the most important bit, the ones that are monogamous, they cheat too. Okay, they tend to follow these that are monogamous and half the time, they're not right but we're humans and not animals and that's why we have to have the discipline and the respect for your wife, not to say okay, I want this extra thing but I'm going to not do that, it doesn't.

Oh I love you. Yeah.With that. Thank you all very, very much. I want to thank our participants Jenin, Laura, Eve and Revlon, we'll be right right back. Thank you.