What Are the Benefits of Retinol?

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Retinol is the gold standard, it's been used for over 30 years. It helps increase collagen production, it slows down degradation of collagen, increases skin cell turnover, that slows down as we age, and it also stabilizes the membrane of a skin, so it stabilizes supporting structures.

So retinol is the key ingredient to go to, it's got the most studies, and everyone should use it if you worry about fine lines, and wrinkles and discoloration, and so that's the key ingredient. Retinol you should start using it twice a week and then you could advance to second week two three times a week and after about two, three weeks, you could probably use it everyday.

You have to very careful retinol and makes you very photo sensitive. And what does that mean? That means if you go out in the sun, you make it a sun burn a lot more easily. So what you want to do is use retinol at night, you never want to use retinol during the day time.