How Does the Vanquish Fat Reduction Device Work to Melt Body Fat?

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It's a one of a kind, because it actually could contour the body, but by delivering 120 degrees to not to dermis, but to the fat cell, it destroys the fat cell and liquefies the fat cell for permanent removal of the fat, and over a period of four cessions 30 minutes a week a part most people lose anywhere from two to four inches, so it's important to know not only does it actually melt the fat cell and destroy it permanently, it also contours the fat cell.

It contours the abdomen, because it has a U-shaped arm that goes around the abdomen, if you could get rid of the muffin top of women and the love handles or the flyings on men, so it's a great procedure because people don't have to liposuction, they can actually have a none invasive procedure, no pain, no incisions and to remove fat on a permanent basis and fat cells don't multiply, they don't come back unless you become obese.

It's a very simple machine. It has a U-shaped arm with electromagnetic field wrapped around the patient. It doesn't touch the patient, so it can't burn the patient, it feels like heating pad, so it actually does not hurt, it actually most feels good, patient can read a book, while you doing his procedure, so it's easy and quick and, it really works.