How Can I Prevent My Hair From Graying?

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There's a lot of whole lot of things we can do to prevent our hair from graying, of course if we can avoid stress which sometimes is hard to do, that can prevent the process we just mentioned earlier. Also excess hydrogen peroxide should be avoided. We don't know a lot about this products but there's everyday products that we use that contain high percentages of hydrogen peroxides.

These include some prepackage fruits such as our micro-waved dinners, micro-waved meals, packaged eggs, pre-packaged cheeses, hydrogen peroxide can also be found in teeth whiteners, and that's very popular these days, we all want to have our teeth to look as bright and as white as possible, but we don't realize that excess hydrogen peroxide can accumulate in the hair follicles leaving to premature graying.

So that is something to think about and you might want to avoid.