What Does Stress "Look" Like?

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It's one of your biggest complains, stress taking over your life, but how do you handle stress? Do you bottle it up inside? Do you let it simmer all day long or you explode the moment you get tense. No matter how you deal with it, some of the best solutions for stress come from the world of alternative medicine, so today I'm giving you easy and effective alternative secrets to fix your stress forever, but first I wanted to see what sets you off.

Meet Lee, Natasha and Danielle. I wanted to find out how they react under pressure so I gave them a special mission to complete 3 stressful tasks within one hour. Your first challenge is to gather these items for a Dr. Oz approved dinner. Go put your shoes on. All right get your seat belts on.

Oh, goodness. Just keep looking at me. First off, the supermarket. Low cost, higher fiber loss [xx]. Where in the world am I going to find that? Oh, Lordy. I just have to go a price. Wait, what? I just have to get a price tag. [xx]. You just have to wait [xx]. Your second challenge is to make healthy chicken quesadillas while you fold your laundry and keep your kids busy.

Play family, house or kitchen or whatever it is that you do. The laundry, if you guys can fold that for me. But that was your doll. Oops! I forgot to mention you'll need cheese for those quesadillas. Head back to the supermarket and then return home to finish up dinner. Oh no. We're running out of time, hurry up.

Oh my God, is it reduced? Reduce that. Here we go, this is good [xx]. People let's go. Look at this stockerage[sp], just in the nick of timeIt's great platform but you know what, it's just another day. Oh, I love that. You all reacted so differently to stress. I mean how did it go for you Lee?What's your boiling point? What pushes you over? When I have to wait in short lines, traffic with whiny children just gets me.[xx].

It doesAnd how do you react to stress, how does your body feel? I sweat like a mad woman and if you want to check on my chin I definitely have some pimples to show it. They may not indicate a pretty good job but yeah, and I yell, explode. And Danielle how does your body react when you feel stress.

Well, you know what. I am a mom a four and I'm also a school teacher so I have 20 kids plus my four so it's all day. I just simmer all day so my body gets very very tense, so I get the pain in my neck, my back, I get head aches it's just it manifests itself in that way. So you have simmering stress and you have lots of muscles aches and painsAbsolutelyYou tie the two togetherAbsolutely.

All right. And Natasha lets talk about you a little bit. I noticed that you are the quietest in that room back with Jenna. You're not saying a lot of much, but I just sensed that there's something going on under there. Is that how you normally react to stress? Yes, I definitely internalize things I just keep it bottled in and I get stomach cramps, and I just keep it all in basically.

So it's not a coincidence we choose the three of you, we talk about stress, but stress actually comes in several different forms and these three women, for everybody out there, represent the classic three ways that women respond to stress, and you also reflect the classic ways it impacts on your body.

So what if I told you there was one woman who says there's an individual fix for each of you. If anybody out there who can find yourselves in these stories. You re-initiate that story? Yeah. Sure. DefinitelyBring it on. Okay, I want you to meet Holly Lucille. Stress is killing us and nobody knows that better than I do and it's my mission and in my practice to change that one person at a time.

When I opened my practice 80% of the women that I saw all had chronic stresses and they really didn't know it. So high blood pressure, fatigue and constipation and it didn't matter what they presented with whether stomach or digestive issues, fatigue, hormonal imbalances. Chronic stresses are actually contributing to disease, so when people have chronic stresses there's a vicious cycle that starts to happen and it's impossible to get out of it but I have found a way to break that cycle.

I can tailor programs to specifically meet their needs. So here's what we're going to do. That's the key to getting stress under control. Every woman should be empowered to take their health back into their own hands. Thank you [xx].