What Kind of Flat Shoes Are Healthy to Wear?

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Your feet are literally the foundation of your health looks critical to find shoes that offer the proper fit, form and function and of course many of you would add fashion. That's why I teamed up with a top celebrity stylist and a leading Podiatrist to scour[sp?] stores for the top five shoes to make your feet feel and look great.

When it comes to fashion, putting your best foot forward isn't always a comfortable thing. So I pair top of the dietries, Henry [xx] with celebrity style girl, Robert Thirty. Their mission hunt down five shoes that will satisfy your cravings for style while saving your souls. Perfect, finding shoes is my middle name.

Okay. Let's go. But we've some criteria. Okay. Put arch support, flexibility in the fourth foot and nothing higher than two inches. Okay, let's go. Let's go. Like a sea of shoes. Yes, but please do not forget the tape measure. Two inches, right? Two, ah.I dropped it. Let's go start with flats. Okay, that's the hardest one.

Well. [xx] and flats are tough. Oh, ah. Have you identified arch support? You make sure that it's not too floppy that there is some support in there. Okay. Now on to wedges. This might pass the test. It's good. We need to make sure that it's a little bit rigid around the ankle part just to aid its stability.

But if it's unstable, you can just go into the therapy. I can't believe we're done. I can't believe we agreed. Five perfect shoes, got them. Can you reveal the top five shoes? Now that's five, one from the audience, who model them for all of us, so Chloe come join us, come out Chloe.

The first shoe to make your feet feel a little great is a flat, I know you all love your flats very well. Model Chloe, but they can have it on your feet, so how comfortable are they? I'm [xx] very comfortable actually, they have a nice semantic each on the front but it's really good.

So Robert, tell us about this flat. This is a flat from Aerosol, it's called Beg to be Differ, available in leather with this fabulous pattern trim, it's very reasonably priced at 49.95 and it's super fashion forward style statement. So [xx] how did Robert talk you into this selection? Well, we came to an agreement together.

So, basically every woman loves their flats and they're here to stay and that's fine just as you make sure that your flats have good arch support. Okay. A lot of times I have tonnes of patients coming into my office for Plantar fasciitis and heels burst, it's not fun. It is true. So if you do own a lot of flats that don't have much support, you could always go to the store and buy insert made of cotton[sp?] and you can just stick it right here in the arch.

What do you think Chloe, you do this? I would definitely. Thank you very much.