What Are the Best Shoes to Wear to Protect Your Feet?

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The best shoe is a sneaker with a custom insert, but I know a lot of people don't want to hear that answer so I have other alternatives. You could also get a flat that has good arch support, or even have a custom insert made in it so then that that could be a good shoe that's not putting too much stress your knees, or your back, or your foot.

Another thing you could do is wear heels but the maximum height you want to go is two inches. Another option if want a little bit more height is to go with the wedge. Again the maximum height you want to go on the wedge is two inches. You also want to make sure that the wedge is made out of either cork or rough feel that allows for shock absorption.

Try to avoid wedges that have a wooden wedge because they'll make you too wobbly. Another thing you could do is boot with a chunky heel again not no higher than two inches.