What Are Some Fashionable Shoe Styles That Won't Hurt My Feet?

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Our next shoot will make your feet feel and look great because they feel and look great. Dozi is going to come out of the show, come on out Dozi. So, Phil Dorsey, could you have chosen a heel like this for yourself? Definitely, they are very comfortable, there's some extra pudding in the toe, they are a good fit, thank you.

What do you like about it Robbin? Well, it's the [xx] shoe it's 4495, it's in a black pattern, you can drive that, you can dress it down, it's a silhouette that has been made very popular by our first lady Michelle Obama. This is the classic you have to have it in your wardrobe.

Dr. Bell Otos[sp?]. Okay, what I love about this [xx] is the fact that it's two inches. It's so important that that's the maximum height you want to go. If you start to go above two inches, what could happen is you can get back pain, lateral ankle instability and foot pain. I think twitch is a great track record personal preference.

I do too personally. That's nice and meet if you need help, thank you very much. Our next top shoe top shoe to make you feet look and feel great is a wedge. If you are wearing Jennifer please come on out. Jennifer wedge on. So, Robert tell us about this wedge. This is a really cute wedge, its from Sahara, it's the illicit wedge, it's 79.95.

What's great about this is it captures an important trend this season, it's an ethnic, and wow and trend all in one shoe, Dr. Barn your thoughts? Yes, what I like about the shoe is the fact that it's not too much higher than two inches in the heel, because you really want to make sure is that the shoe is not much lower in the front than the back because with that does it places your foot in a plantar flexed position causing increased pressure on the ball of your foot.

Good tips. Thank you very much Sharon. Our next [xx] to make your feet feel a little safe is Boots? I happen to love boots and Rebecca's got one on, come on out Rebecca. So Robert, what did you enjoy about this boot? This boot is from Kenneth Cole reaction called look over here it's in this fabulous hot brand weight 5495.

I like the boot because you can wear with trouser. Its' an ankle boot very handful women to find a boot that looks fancy with their trouser. So,what you think that is better? Okay, what I like about this boot is that it has a wide heel and a rubber sole. I also like the fact that it's a soft suede material, and there's split support around the ankle.

It's very tract to this one. Yes. Thank you very much Rebecca. And our final shoe to make your feet feel a little great is a flip-flop. Jennifer please come on out and model it for us. Now, flip flops can be treacherously dangerous. Robert, why do you like it's towards of its fashion. This is called Addy, it's from BOC, it's in yellow at 4995.

I like it because of the fun exciting juicy color, and this a place where woman can have fun in their wardrobes, and you can wear a bright color like this, and pair with another bright color low like carry greens, and it just looks really fresh in summary. That could be better the word juicy does that come up in your vernacular.

No practical that's more my vocabulary. So, why do you enjoy this? What I like about a lot of times with flip-flop you can bend them in half. This you can't so it's very stable. The ones that you can bend in half just throwing the garbage or else you are going to becoming to my office.

Also too what I like about the thong part of the flip-flop is that it's is that it's leather which is very soft that can prevent blisters. Wonder [xx], thank you very much [xx]. Thank you.