What Should I Know Before I Get a Cupping Treatment?

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Cupping is relatively safe, most of the studies on cupping that have been done and there are quite a few studies now that have done both in China and elsewhere. Most of the studies show that there are relatively few side effects to cupping. One of the common things that does happen however for many patients is that they can experience either a red or a purplish mark after the cupping procedure, it's different from a bruise and that it's not painful although it sometimes looks quite dramatic.

So we don't recommend people who are for example going to a wedding in a backless dress two or three days after the procedure actually get the procedure because it may leave a mark that can last for several days at a time. The cups are, the suction that's used to apply the cups can be made with with either an open flame, in the case of plastic cups they actually have newer systems where they have hand-held pumps that suck the air out the cup to create suction, but because it does sometimes involve heat and with every time we use the heat therapy, there's always a risk of burning.

You should be sure that you find someone who is a licensed acupuncturist in the atate where you are looking for the procedure, so that they can apply the therapy safely.