What Are the Treatment Options for Wrinkles?

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Treating wrinkles depends on whether they are fine, medium or deep and where they're on you face. Also, what caused them. If you have wrinkles that are caused by lines of movements or the muscles pushing them in, then you want start with a botch line and toxin like those botox, [xx] or disport.

If the lines are from chronic sun exposure and not from movement as primary reason, resurfacing with chemical peels or laser peels like those new [xx] lasers will be most helpful. For lines that are just from falling in skin, that's when we go for fillers, remember the skin is like an accordion, if you can stretch it out, you wont see as many of those creases.

At home, you can help these lines and wrinkles from forming or help some of the fine ones to go away faster by using a good topical regimen including gentle cleansers, regular moisturizing, a topical agent with a retinoid or a alpha hydroxy acid in it for cell turnover and to help the collagen and other collagen stimulators like peptides and growth factors.

Using antioxidants topically will cut down on the damage you get along with routine vigilant sun protection.