What Are the Benefits of Using Wrinkle Fillers?

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The wrinkle fillers we have today allow us to replace that soft filler look that a more youthful face has, rather than the gont look of the aged face. By carefully placing products in appropriate places and appropriate depths, we can lift the skin and really reshape the face to give a more youthful appearance.

The fillers we have today are either actual fillers that replace volume immediately or tissue simulators which make your skin make more collagen and that's how they fill the skin. The hydrolytic acid are most popular fillers we have today that's [xx] [xx]. They're made out of hyldrolytic acid which is a sugar that our body recognizes as similar to its own.

Radiesse or calcium hydroxylapatite is another biodegradable filler that's great for giving a lot of lifts and structure to skin that's falling. Sculptra or poly-l-lactic acid is a tissue stimulator, while the other fillers replace some collagen as they go away but have their primary effects by being fillers in the area you want filled.

Sculpra works gradually and makes your skin make new collagen and that's how it causes you to have a nicer shape.