What Are Some Tips to Avoid Sagging Skin?

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I have three major tips to avoid sagging skin. One, avoid excessive sun exposure. Whether it's outdoors, at the beach, just walking around or particularly indoor tanning salons. We know that sun exposure whether indoors or out is the number one reason we damage our skin, both the epidermis leading to brown spots, but also the deep dermis where the collagen is, and then you get sagging.

Number two, don't smoke, even the now, and again smoker needs to know that every time you inhale, you're cutting off oxygen to your skin, and you're going to get more wrinkles, and sagging. It also means your skin can't protect itself as much against other environmental problems.

Number three, try to keep your weight as stable as possible. When we're young, our skin snaps back, so the person in their in their teens or 20s who loses a large volume of weight, their skin will bounce back, but as we age, the skin will just sag, it doesn't recoup or snap back the way it does when we're younger.

So, if you protect yourself from the sun, don't smoke and keep as stable weight as you can. Your skin should stay pretty tight, for your age.