What Are Some Non-Invasive Options for Facial Rejuvenation?

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We have many option for facial rejuvenation done in on innovative manner today. We usually start by evaluating the patient and seeing whether her major concerns are texture, volumes, movements, all combinations of those things. For the patient complaining of deep lines and pores, and just coloration will often start with fractionated[sp?] razor.

Fractionated[sp?] razors are used to resurface the skin, physically do a razor peel but with far less down time, and we use the have with our deep razor pills. Because we do the razor treatments and treat only at a fraction of a skin that's fractionated[sp?], or flax razor then if heals in from the skip area between.

When you look at your face and think entire faces have been treated. It's not that we are transtrating a faction of the face. But on the microscopic level there are untreated areas so you generally heal in thee to five days, rather than taking two weeks to several months. For patients requiring just tightening of the skin, we will use some combination of razor, radio frequency or ultra sounds.

One of my favorite machine is what is called Manopola radio frequency machine, and we use that to heat the deep tolmas or the deeper aspect of the skin where the cologne is without pealing the surface of the skin. That way several months after treatment you get initial college and contraction or tightening, and then over time new college is laid down so the skin is tighter.

When we do it on the body, I often it to as being like a spanks for your skin.