How Should I Care for My Skin During Pregnancy?

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During pregnancy it's generally recommended that women avoid some common ingridients we use for acne and anti aging. Specifically retinoid and Benzoyl Peroxide and salicylic acid. I recommend that women switch if they're using a retinoid or salicylic acid for their acne, to an alpha hydroxy acid product that would be glycolic, lactic or perhaps one of the fruit acids to help exfoliate the skin on the surface and within the pores.

It's also very important to use extra precautions with your sun protection. Many women find that they first develop something called Melasma or the master pregnancy during a pregnancy. That's a modeled pigmentation they see primarily on the cheeks the upper lip and the sides of the forehead.

Once you have it it's not the easiest thing to treat and often you have to wait until after pregnancy, and be done with breast feeding before we can use the ingredients that are most helpful. So be gentle and see your dermatologist if you're having problems that aren't resolving with your over the counter care.