How Does Sclerotherapy Work?

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Sclerotherapy a process that utilizes what we call Sclerosing Agents, they might be detergents or irritants, that are specifically designed to irritate the inside of the blood vessel so that your body then takes that vessel away. They act in different ways but the major point is they will ultimately take the vessel away.

The way we do the procedure is we use a needle that's very small, smaller than the kind of needle that's used to draw your blood and instead of pulling blood out, we inject the sclerosing agent into the vessel, we see the clear fluid pushing out the red or blue color which is blood from the blood vessel so we know we're in the right place.

When we stop injecting that's when you see the blood return and it takes about four to eight weeks to see the result of the given treatment. There're several agents on the market now, I use saline for many years which is very safe because there's no allergic potential, but saline can be problematic because it's quite painful.

Instead now I use a Squire which is a brand name for something called polidocanol. That's been available in Europe for 40 years but we have just recently in the last two years got in the United States. Because it also has unaesthetic effects, it doesn't hurt, and unlike saline, if it gets into the skin surrounding the blood vessel, you're much less likely to get irritation, pigmentation, [xx] OSR.