How Can I Remove the Spider Veins On My Legs?

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For the person who just has a few small vessels, one of the things I recommend is that they start to wear support hose. The goal is try to keep those vessels from spreading and expanding. Especially if you're someone who is either pregnant and they make special maternity support hose, or if you're someone who's on your feet all day at work.

Teachers, nurses, doctors can really use support hose to cut down on those vessels getting worse. Once you have the vessels the most effective way to treat them is with scelotheraphy. We've been doing scelotheraphy for years it's a process where we use a tiny needle to inject in otherwise irritating solution into the vessels to close down those vessels.

Now in the past that was generally painful, and could have some serious side effects. Now we have a break through new product called Asclera, which because is also an anaesthetic can be used to safely and effectively do the treatment with a lot less pain and risk. When you do Asclera therapy you have to anticipate that you may need multiple treatments, and the vessels do not go away immediately, it generally takes four to 8 weeks to see the results of any given treatment.

Lasers have also been used for leg veins. Lasers have also been used for leg veins by in general for most of the vessels it is less consistent, and less effective. I generally will use lasers for patients who are needle phobic or for patients whom Asclera therapy is known an option or for whom sclera has been ineffective.

If you have larger vessels the varicose veins then you really need to see a physician who does the larger procedures like vein stripping called venectomy or something called endo-venous lazer or radio frequency where device is threaded up through those large vessels to close them off where the valves are not functioning.