What's a Healthier, Lowfat Version of Mashed Potatoes?

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And the final company food made of best of all mashed potatoes, what's the low fats words you hear? I'm going to have someone taste it while you're describing it. So, this is Ore-Ida steam and mashed cut rusted potatoes, what a concept to actually steam something right? So, the mashing is where the creaminess usually comes in when it comes to potatoes and what do you think? We have a vote here, what do you think? We got the thumbs up? It's delicious, I'll have it for dinner tonight if.

You know what, this is all yours. You keep dining on that, thank you. Very good. So here's the thing Mike, there is zero fat, there's zero fat in it and I will say it's the creaminess the mashing that really again drives that taste. Wonderful finding Thank you [xx] Thank you.