What's a Healthier, Lowfat Version of Macaroni and Cheese?

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Mac and Cheese is the next type of food you guys are always pushing me for. What's the best low fat version of this? So this is Annie's home grown deluxe shells and Wisconsin cheddar is a mouthful It's a mouthful. One cup, typical serving, 17 grams of fat. This is 10 grams of fat.

That's good. Now they said that eating [xx] constant cheese, that means you don't need to use as much cheese because cheese of course that is part of all our comfort foods up that artery clogging, saturated fat and so every time you reduce cheese you are going to reduce some colors or reduce some fat, the other thing is in preparation they don't use any butter and use low fat yogurt and skimmed milk which is something everyone could try adding to your food at home, you've got to tutions[sp?] where you're still getting creamy and salty which is that sensation again but and a much lower fat.