What's a Healthier, Lowfat Version of Lasagna?

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[APPLAUSE] I love lasagnas and I know that a lot of folks use them as their comfort foods but with the cheese next to the carbs that are in there it's sort of push us away from what we want to do. What do we have as an alternative? So, this is Amy's light and lean spinach lasagna and then of course remember it's not meat.

You're going to have less fat, I really like it. You keep going I'm going to have the audience take this, so keep the scrabbing. So, this is 250 calories a typical it's two thirds less fat than in a typical other brand, right? [APPLAUSE] It is, what do you think? So now, how do you like this for an idea, we're talking about comfort food for meal time but really would you have this as a snack? I would eat that anytime.

She would eat it anytime, I like that. So that is important. For most women, a snack is anywhere from 100 to 300 calories depending on how you distribute your calories for the rest of the day. So here it is for the afternoon. When you grab a candy bar that can be 280 calories, doesn't last very long, it does not get to dinner and there's no nutrition.

This is a comfort food 250 calories pop that in a microwave, you're satisfied. You're not picking up.