What's a Healthier, Lowfat Version of Frozen Pizza?

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If you love [xx] food I'm about to change your life forever. Imagine your favorite guilty pleasures, pizza, mackin cheese, lasagna at half the fat and half the calories. Like that idea? I sent a top nutritionist to your local market to find five low fat comfort foods, and [xx] is always good at this, came back the part that says if you love that, you will not be able to tell the difference between these and your old time comfort foods.

Thank you very much. Let's start with the all time favorite pizza. Okay this is [xx] mushroom trio and spinach. The typical 1/3 of the pizza is the serving, so. 1/3 of a pizza? 1/3 of a pizza. And if you compare that, a typical serving is 16 grams of fat, this is 9 grams of fat. The great thing about this though is you still, when you bite in, you want that mouth fill.

That's what's driving comfort foods in [xx] so, they're still cheese, and that's important, we don't want to go no fat necessarily. You know fat helps to satisfy us and taste good and we need it for hormones a lot of different things. So you still get that mouth feel but then they reduce the fat and the crust because this [xx] is that whole grain crust 4 grams of fiber and it help to fill you up.

So 250 calorie in a serving is probably not quite enough for dinner but you have room now to add side salad, have some fruit for dessert. Like the idea.