What's a Healthier, Lowfat Version of Chicken Pot Pie?

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All right next up chicken pot pie, I actually don't know how you chew a chicken pot pie but they have managed to do it, you'll something this is a miracle here, take it away. Okay this is Blake chicken pot pie one packet 33 gm of fat in a typical serving in place it's now 17 grams of fat.

But what they do is, they don't have a cross on the bottom, it's top so that mouth feel, that first sensation that leaky crust and then you save the fat and again, you can do this at home whether you're in a fruit pie just on top or a crumble, just sprinkle it so you get it without having all of that butter mixed in.

No I think it's very smart if you look at what the manufacturer was able to do that cheats them the calories is out and do a copy of that in their homes, another good example now we get the cheese early. I like.