What Is Fatigue?

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Fatigue, when you're feeling exhausted, you don't have the energy to get through the day or just through this general malice, there really can be nutritional factors that are contributing that and it can be the quality of what you're eating, the quantity of what you're eating or the timing of when you eat.

So for instance, if you go a long time without eating, you miss breakfast because you are commuting let's say. You actually have a hormone that is released that makes you hungrier later in the day and then later in the day when you finally sit down to eat and you have like this feeding frenzy and you over eat, we kind of think of the often as a carb coma but it's really not just carbohydrates, it's the quantity that we eat releases a different hormone, and that hormone when we over eat, in itself brings on the sleepiness, we feel so exhausted, but I just ate, maybe I need fuel, and then you tend to over eat, and if you're just stressed out, and cortisol is going and there's an opportunity you may eat.

There is all these different things that contribute, but as it relates to nutrition, if you balance your meals, have smaller meals, include carbohydrate and some protein, some healthy fat in smaller amounts, so that you're not bringing on this post-food coma, you will be better off in terms of your energy level and more even and alert throughout the day.