What Are Some Healthy Ways to Serve Potatoes?

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Potatoes, what are some of the healthy ways that we can make potatoes? Well, I think one of the favorites for the athletes I work with is we make them into stake fries that are baked instead of deep fried, they taste delicious, they are kind of kneady and you're not getting all that extra fat from frying.

Always sweet potatoes do we do the same thing sweet potatoes? Of course that is just so healthy, you're getting all of that Beta-carotene and vitamin A from the sweet potato, and there are other ways, you can do like a potato's honor where you slice it, it tastes almost like a potato gratin, but you can use chicken stock, a little parmesan cheese, rosemary, or whatever the flavors you that might like, and kind of layer it and bake it, and that tastes so good, and then of course roasted potatoes, you can mix it with other winter vegetables which is just delicious, there's some olive oil, and again whatever spices or herbs you might like, and roast them in the oven for about 40 minutes, and they're delicious.