What Are Common Breakfast Mistakes?

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Some common breakfast mistakes begin with eating one type, only one type of food, so for instance let's say you grab just a bacon. That's like eating four pieces of bread. So there's no other nutrients. So there's nothing to balance the diet with like having some proteins, or healthy fat or fruits, milk dairy, or eating I'll say just a big old bowl of fruit which may seem healthy, but it's actually not that balanced.

So by the tiniest end eating a really big bowl a fruit, you wouldn't had a lot of carbohydrates that are not balanced with anything like proteins or healthy fats. So, much better breakfast is to think about balancing it with some kind of whole grains, some kinds of protein or dairy and then some fruits.

So whether you are having a breakfast sandwich that might be an English muffin with an egg on it, and a piece of fruit or some juice or having a breakfast porrito or having a waffle with some cottage cheese, and fresh fruit or yogurt parfait or having some salmon like lobes with bagel and some fresh fruits, those are all different kinds of combination that actually are much better than having just one of any one of those items.