Is It Okay to Add Sugar to Breakfast Cereal?

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Take a classic cereal right? Now listen, cheerios are probably a great example of this. The old fashion was not that should we added up mocked up ones, you take an old fashion version and you're going to make it a bit more spicy for us. So actually 3/4s of a cup is serving when you have something like Honey Nut Cereal, but you have a lot more sugar in it, more calories while if you go with cheerios you can actually have a cup for under 100 calories.

So actually you won't think a nutritionist would tell you to add sugar, but get the low sugar and the one that doesn't have added sugar and then a little bit of sugar that you add, this is just raw caned sugar, this way you're controlling the amount that you put on. You get the sweet, but you've saved a lot of sugar because it's not already added.

Then again add some nuts if you want to make it or add some more fresh fruit to that. You have room for that.