Is Instant Oatmeal a Healthy Breakfast Choice?

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You've got a hot cereal and it's under a 100 calories. Explain to our guest how you've managed to fix this up for us? Okay so again instant cereal is really easy. For an oatmeal for a basic oatmeal, carry it with you, have it in your pocabook[sp?], have it in your desk for when you really need it.

The thing about instant oatmeal is you have to look for the right kind because if you don't, there's a lot of added sugars get the one that's pre-sugared, it could have up to 12 grams of sugar in it before you've done anything. Is that 12 grams of sugar? Right, so start with under 100 calories for the basic old fashioned instant oat meal, then you can add of course fruit.

That's the best way to get sweet, is the best way to get some flavor in. But here's another trick that a lot of my clients like, is they add some peanut butter in with their oatmeal? [xx] 300 calories for the wholemeal, only 100 for the cereal. Exactly. The wholemeal. Okay.