How Do I Choose a Healthy Cereal?

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Choosing healthy cereals starts with looking at the ingredients, you certainly want it to be whole grain, and it should be the first ingredient on the list and then you want to be looking at the fiber hopefully it's going to have over two to four grams of fiber per serving and look at the sugar.

You don't want to have a lot of added sugar so try to keep it under four grams of sugar if you can. So one thing that happens in cereal is that pour. If you use a big bowl you're going to pour two to three potions into it and that would be like eating four or five, or six pieces of bread without even realizing it and then you'd still be hungry in about an hour and a half.

So it's much better to have a small bowl that you can fill up so you can feel like you're getting a lot, but then there's ways to round it out. Put some fruit on it, have it with some milk, put some healthy nuts on top is much more substantial and it will help last longer. Other tricks that you can do if you really love sweet cereal then really get one that doesn't have added sugar so you can control the amount that you add.

One teaspoon of sugar is really only 15 calories it's four grams of sugar versus having a little bit has already has 12 grams of sugar already included for three months with virtually no side effects but with the newer agents no drug interactions there would be like treating high blood in terms of satisfying your sweet taste, but not sabotaging your chrollo crolem.