How Can I Make a Sweet Breakfast Cereal Healthier?

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This final little secret is one that a lot of you will be able to use especially for your kids. It's the last secret of getting your cereal under 100 calories. Right, and the idea here again is recognizing where you are. So you might not be ready for something like a puff wheat where you're getting more fiber, you're getting again a lot more volume because it's a puffy cereal versus very thin cereal.

You get more volume, but you might not quite be ready for that taste, so mix it up and take a little bit of your favorite sweet cereal and put it in with one that's not so sweetened. You get your favorite taste along, it's kind of like you're diluting it. But it's moving you to that that continuing of the healthier breakfast cereal.

And just to be clear you want less than 100 calories added to the cereal. Well again you this would have up to like 12 grams of sugar in it if you were having full three quarter cup-serving a cup of puffed wheat you get a lot more volume under 100 calories and no added sugar.

So if you just add a quarter of a cup, you're way better off than having a full serving. You're wonderful but/g thank you so much.