How Can I Keep Calories Form Cereal Under Control?

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Breakfast maybe the most important meal of the day but may also be the most fattening, here is the good news, if you cut back your cereal to 100 calories a day listen carefully, you can lose up 20 pounds in a year. Think about that 100 calories for breakfast, you lose 20 pounds a year that's why I got the healthiest rules for under 100 calories and here to help me discuss is the nutritionist, Hide Scone, welcome to the show again.

Thank you. So most folks understand the importance of breakfast but explain to us your recipe for success, why is breakfast so important? Well, look at this [UNKNOWN], is this easy, would you even consider this overeating? This is really two and half portions of cereal. So eating this is like eating five pieces of bread.

You're kidding. And you would not start with five pieces of bread to get your day started, right? So it's really easy to overeat without even thinking it, like you know when you're overdoing it in other areas but this is one your may not realize So what's is your game plan for how to get us to lose that 20 pounds you promised? Okay so, we want of course cut that, it's always about potions, but, if you ate only 100 calories, you'd be hungry and you would be looking for candy in someone else's desk by mid day.

So if you want to balance it out, we're going to cut the portion back on cereals, but we're going to make sure that we're adding some healthy fats like nuts, some protein and some fruit. So you're still feeling full, you're feeling satisfied, you're having a breakfast around 300 calories, which leaves room for a mid day snack, a planned mid day snack to bridge the gap till lunchtime.

Well I like it okay. Our first cereals for under 100 calories is something that a lot of you reach for anyway, it's an old fashion favorite, a pastry. Are you going to con us into thinking we're getting a pastry when we're not getting one? Yeah, this is where I actually love, and this is a little bit different way to use cereals.

So we take something like shredded wheat, and put it on top of a Greek yoghurt which is very high in protein, drizzle with some honey, add some warm nuts, and it tastes like [xx]. You ever had [xx]? I love [xx]. They are salivating out there. They are going to charge the stage. Except it's really nutrient rich.

So you can feel good, you feel indulged, it's delicious, it's under 100 calories for the cereal part of it, you get the nutrients and the protein from the yoghurt, what do you think? You know as a [xx] I'll recommend you [xx]. That's a high theory, that's authentic. You all reach for [xx] anyway this is a very smart way of getting yourself in the right direction.

Now, Okay.