Heidi Skolnik - Three weight loss tips

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Hi. I'm Heidi Skolnik, sports and lifestyle nutritionist and exercise physiologist. I invite you to join me at my kitchen table to talk about food, nutrition how we feel about our bodies, exercising movements and hopefully along this journey, you'll get some tips and insights into how to achieve your health wellness and weight goals.

So to begin with, I want to share with you three tips I share with every client as it relates to this in framing how to approach healthy weight loss. So to begin with, I want you to think about consistency, how consistent we are in our eating patterns will relate to how consistent we are in our energy, in our outlook, in our mood.

If you eat a lot in one day and not a lot the next, if you eat a lot of one meal and you go a long time before you eat again or actually graze all day without giving your stomach a rest. All that actually can really influence how we feel so I want you to be consistent in patterns from day to day and even from meal to meal in terms of balance.

The next thing I want you think about is quality, so it does matter, you don't have a nutritionist to know there's a big difference between gummy bears. Is that right? I had an opportunity to increase and hold grain. Right, so think about the quality of what you eat, it will again matter in terms of how you feel, and then the third and final thing I want you to think about is portions, because even if it is the best food if you eat too much of it.

It's gonna sabotage in weight loss goals. So if you could think about consistency and timing, quality and portions you're well on your way to achieving your goal.