Heidi Skolnik - Set Weight Goal

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Hi, I'm Heidi Skolnik, Exercise Physiologist and Nutritionist and today I want to talk to you about setting a realistic weight for yourself and I know you've already been working towards that. You're working really hard, hopefully you're feeling encouraged and not discouraged and part of that is being realistic with what your goals are.

A realistic weight is a weight that you can maintain by eating healthily and exercising appropriately. An ideal weight, is a weight that we pick that is often times one that we come to because it's a weight that we think we should be and is actually unrealistic because it's idealized number that doesn't really fit our body, our body type, our history or our lifestyle.

So, if you need to overexercise in extreme ways for days on end or you need to under eat consistently and under fuel and under nourish yourself that is not a realistic weight. That would be an idealistic weight. It's impossible to really achieve and maintain. So your realistic weight is a weight that you can maintain and sustain for the long term.