Heidi Skolnik - Portion Distortion

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Hi I am Heildi Skolnik and welcome to my kitchen table today I wanna talk to you about portion distortion, and some times based on the range of variety that we've we loose perspective on exactly what it's we're consuming, so for instance this is a popular drink this is actually the smallest drink of the series but when you compare this small to a cup, an eight ounce cup you begin to get perspective in terms of how much you're really consuming, again this is the smallest but let's compare it to the big golf, the super big gulp and the double gulp this double gulp, if you drink this whole thing you'll be consuming 47 tea spoons of sugar.

The super big gulp has 37 tea spoons of sugar, big gulp 32 and the small is 23 so I hope you keep this in mind when you're making selections and realize that perspectives maybe thrown off because often what's offered is a larger and more than we actually need. Thanks a lot and I look forward to the next video and we can look further into portion distortion.