Heidi Skolnik- Food Choices - Muffins vs Cupcakes

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Hi, I'm Heidi Skolnik and welcome to my kitchen table today I want to talk to you about food choices and how it can impact our outcome into towards a weight loss. So, let's start with a breakfast option that is popular, that seems healthy and also enticing. Let's talk about muffins.

So this just a standard muffin that I bought in the shop close by is that it has been nut at not maven and it sounds so healthy, doesn't it? but it my summer mind need that Muffins are really ugly cupcakes, so believe it or not, these two choices are really very much The same this are 540 calories, and the maven does not have any protein which we know  helps with totality, to help you feel fuller for longer.

There's no vitamin C, there's no calcium so it's really not a very nutrient positive or nutrients chunk food to choose. In fact eating these marbles for breakfast is like eating six pieces of white toast. And how many of you start your day with six pieces of bread and feel like you really started off in a healthy and great beginning? So, I want you to rethink breakfast.

When you think about breakfast I want you to think having a whole grain like oat meal, or cereals or toast, think about pancake, I want you to think without having a protein like eggs or yoghurt or milk, and I want you to think about having a fruit and if you could have those three in good healthy potion and actual we will be blessed from the 540 calories that will be either in this muffin or this black forest cupcake which might look delicious but we know won't sustain us for the long hol, so I hope that was helpful, I hope you think about the quality the breakfast that you choose and remember to get a nice balanced breakfast to start the day have a great one.