Can I Eat Burgers If I'm Trying to Lose Weight?

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So, here's the thing about burgers, burgers have this bad rap as far as I'm concerned. A hamburger is actually a great source of protein, it has iron, it has zinc, two nutrients are crucial to our immune system and well being, and so a burger is actually a really good food. Again it's one of those, but you know how often? And typically most organisations, health organizations will say, Red meat about once a week is certainly reasonable, other people maybe a little bit more based on your lifestyle and what other foods you're eating, but you do want to choose lean cuts, and you do need to choose portion.

Like again here in New York city, you could go to restaurants where they will literally serve you a half a pound hamburger, like that is just more than you need, than any single person needs to eat at once, you really can't even absorb that much protein at once. So, having three to four ounce hamburger is completely reasonable, and in fact a lean cut, that's made with lean meat choice cut, can have less fat than a candy bar or a cup of premium ice-cream and nobody avoids those foods like they do red meat.

So when it comes to eating burgers of course there are different options, you can go with a turkey burger, you can go with a veggie burger, those some of the veggie burgers don't really have that much protein can be much higher in carb, you can choose learner cuts of beef and three to four ounce portions, you can even try some alternatives to beef like Cervena, which is a farm raised venison, or Bison, buffalo meat.

So those are actually very very wing cuts that have less fat than even a chicken breast. So there are other things when you begin explore where you can still enjoy a burger, the other thing about burgers is recognized it's not the burger, it's having the burn and fries with it.

So you can always go where keep up the burn if its very sick so you still get the bit out feel and you can with the side salad it doesn't have to automatically have to go with the fries or a size salad, and some fries but not a big huge portion which the way it's often served.