When Is It Time for a Man to Go See a Doctor About Stress?

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[BLANK_AUDIO] You know men really hate going seeing a doctor and the reason men don't like to see a doctor is because look we are supposed to be the strong ones not vulnerable, we have this armor in front of us that we don't want to peel off, and we never want to go see a doctor.

So if you're stressed out, or any other element, I recommend yo see a doctor. However, here's how you know how often you need to see a doctor. Whenever you go to the mechanic to tune up your car, go to the doctor and go get checked out. Men general take care of the cars better than they take care of themselves.

Sometimes stress really has an adverse effect on your well being, and that, what ends up happening with excessively your stress out, you can have panic attacks, you're shaking, sometimes you sweat too much, you can't sleep, you're emotionally thinking about other things, never thinking about what's important during the day, your work activities suffers, you can't concentrate.

When that happens, please go see a doctor.