What Causes Premature Ejaculation (PE)?

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Premature ejaculations occurs in about 40% of men, that's unbelievable. And what is premature ejaculation? Well, the old days we used to say that is when a man ejaculates before a woman, for a woman has an organism or satisfied. Now, that's very, very important. Now that happens a lot.

A lot of women don't have orgasm really because sex is too quick. And sex is too quick, well not because the woman doesn't have sex orgasm, because the guy finished too quick. It's the number one sex dysfunction. So if it occurs in about 40% of men where they ejaculate within less than two minutes, well then is it really a problem? What is causing it? It may just be a natural variation and ability to ejaculate.

So a lot of men think well, you know I'm so excited that's why I'm ejaculating quicker and that may be true but in general it is a natural phenomena, so some of the things that cause men to ejaculate too quickly is different sex positions. Sometime one sex position is more exciting than the other, if you find that to be the case, guess what? Don't go to that sex position.

Do things that will make you last a lot longer, and then as a couple, you will be happier in bed. Now remember, women say, there is nothing less pleasing than a man in bed just pleasing himself, so you have to please your partner at all times as well.