What Causes Overactive Bladder?

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A lot of womfen and men go to the bathroom very frequently and they don't realize that what they're doing to their own bodies really affects the urination, for example if you're drinking a lot of coffee or acidic juices, that's something that's going to cause you go to the bladder more frequently, and I see that all the time, but here's the thing that people just do not understand, that we tell people to drink water, and that water is good for you but too much water is bad for you, in fact one of the most interesting things that I see in my office is people coming and say, I go to the bathroom frequently, and I ask how much water they drink and they just drink an immense amount, an immense amount, I be going to the bathroom every 10 minutes if I drink that amount now what is that amouth and rule of thumb if you're going to the bathroom too frequently or it's affecting your daily activity, anything more than two liters is too much.

Now of course if you exercise, it's different. But if your not excising more than two litters a day or eight eight ounce glass, it's too much. If you are going to the bathroom to frequently, again it could be something you are doing to yourself with the excessive alcohol or caffeine or excessive acidic juices or you drink too much water but however, the more serious consequences that we see are urinal tract infection and so if you going to the bathroom frequently, and you're thirsty, that's a sign of diabetes.

If you are going to the bathroom frequently and it burns or there is blood associated with it, think you are on a urinary tract infection.