What Are the Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer?

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There are a lot of different treatments for prostrate cancer, but all of them have side effects. For example, if you have surgery for prostrate cancer, which may save your life, find that right surgeon that has less side effects, but the side effects are there, and they could include, erectile dysfunction and urination problems.

So the doctor has to know how to treat that prostrate cancer perfectly to avoid the risk of erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence which is truly a risk. On the other hand, radiation therapy where people think is much simpler procedure and less side effects, sometimes has as many, if not more side effects.

For example radiation to the prostate actually also hits the nerves, the nerves that affect erection, so you could have erectile dysfunction associated with it and if you have external beam radiation, it can actually affect the bladder where it makes you go to the bathroom too quickly because it may injure the bladder as well.

Also if you have severe prostrate cancer, metastatic disease, sometimes we put men on anti-testosterone therapy, that is medication that decreases the testosterone in the body and that is associated with high levels of diabetes, osteoporosis and the erectile dysfunction as well.