Is It Harmful to Hold in My Urine If My Bladder Is Full?

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If your bladder is full it is harmful to hold in the urine because [xx], you stretch the bladder muscles and why is that important it makes it harder to urinate, a lot of people that over distend their bladder when they sit down to urinate, they notice that it takes a lot longer and the stream is weaker and that's particularly true in men as it is in women.

For people that hold in the urine too much, you could have an increase in urinary tract infection where it just burns when you urinate and you could have bleeding when you urinate. Now one of the common symptom that you see is you're going to the bathroom more frequently and you just can't empty so now you've distended the bladder, you go to the bathroom and you cannot empty it out so you're constantly going to the bathroom, and of course at night, they cause a problem because you'll be getting up to urinate as well.