How Will Having My Prostate Removed Affect My Sex Life?

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A lot of men have prostate cancer. It turns out one in six men will get prostate cancer in their lives and in fact of those that get prostate cancer, one out of six men will die of prostate cancer. Now let me just say that that's very similar to breast cancer. Approximately one in six women get breast cancer and of those women that get breast cancer, one in six will die of breast cancer.

So it's a very similar disease. Now, some of the treatments for prostate cancer include surgery for prostate cancer, where we remove the prostate. If you remove the prostate the nerves that run around the prostate are very important for erections, so sometimes they can be damaged.

And if they are damaged, then it's sometimes harder to initiate an erection and maintain an erection. So a lot of men need Viagra or other sort of medication or something a little more, serious sort of a treatment such as injection of prostate gland into the penis to cause the erection and some men actually need prosthesis after prostate cancer surgery.