How Is Premature Ejaculation Treated?

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Premature ejaculation which again a very common issue that men have and it's again a relationship killer, can be treated in a number of ways one of the ways in the old days we used to say well I think about something else while you're having sex not really appropriate we used to tell men hey think about baseball, well I don't think you should be thinking about Derek Jeter if you're having sex with your wife and I don't think that's going to delay your ejaculation but certainly it's something that people thought was a way of treating it.

Today we try different things to desensitize the penis. First of all use a condom, condoms tend to decrease the sensation and they're condoms with desensitizing agents in them, also there are sprays desensitizing sprays out there but what I like most is the new Benzocaine desensitizing wipe that is available, it comes like a little alcohol wipe you rub it on your penis it desensitizes and then men can last a lot longer, also there are medications that people can use and we shall not have it approved so you have to go to your doctor and that doctor has to understand how to treat premature ejaculation but the side effects of anti-depressants medication at very, very low dosage can actually delay ejaculation.

So that's something that you need to evaluate as well, also be honest with yourself. If a certain sexual position really excites you most don't do that. Actually go to a different position that is not exciting like you as much and last a little bit longer. And of course foreplay, foreplay, foreplay.

If you're not going to last a long time better make sure that your woman is going to be ready when you're ready to ejaculate, so more foreplay the better. Now, fore play is just more than physical it's mental. I like to say foreplay begins things in the morning when you wake up. Put a few dishes in the dish washer, make it look like you care.

If you care about yourself, your house, your wife, your girlfriend, I guarantee that's going to put her in the mood a lot quicker.