How Is Low Testosterone Treated?

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Low testosterone is treated not with medications, unless you need it. That's the last thing that you should be taking. What you should be doing is losing weight, exercising more and sleeping more. Now listen to this, you need to sleep about eight to 10 hours a day, if you have a low testosterone.

Why? Because testosterone is made when you sleep. Turns out that the testosterone are highest in the morning. Exercises is important as well to lose that body fat. People who take neuro cardaic medication for lower back pain, that causes the testosterone to plummet but here's the diet that you really need to know about, it's what foods you should not eat the testosterone killers.

Now ready for this? Very important no breads, pizza pasta, cookies or cake. Let me repeat that no breads, pizza, pasta, cookies or cake. When I tell that to a patient they say hey, that's what I eat all the time. No added sugar, no added salt that's the trifecta. You will lose weight, you will increase your testosterone.

But if you need testosterone, if the testosterone is still low after all these things that you do, then you consider medications for low testosterone.