How Do I Cope If Sexual Health Issues Make Me Feel Like Less of a Man?

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[BLANK_AUDIO]The problem with sex education is there no sex education. We do get sex education when you're in junior high school maybe, before you're having sex or maybe you are just beginning. Suddenly once you start having sex, where do you go, where do you turn for this education? If you are a woman I think Cosmo Magazine, I guess if you are a man in some men's health magazines.

Because of that I wrote my two books, Size matters and the New Naked. And the reason for that is sex education for adults. A lot of men feel inadequate or feel like, hey they are probably not as sexually potent as their neighbour. And I can tell you sitting in a doctors office that I do every single day, a lot of men have a lot of problems.

And everybody is always voyeuristic, well how is that other person doing? Understand that a lot of men have a lot of sexual dysfunction, a lot of sexual issues, and the number one being premature ejaculation just remember. So once you learn the facts you'll feel better about yourself.

Without the facts you'll feel a stress about your capabilities.