How Are Doctors Improving Prostate Cancer Treatments?

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The most important part about prostate cancer is picking it up early so it doesn't kill you, let's be honest. The earlier you pick it up the better chance you have of dying from prostate cancer. So right now, we are coming up with new tests to detect whether your prostate cancer will kill you or not and really can detect whether it is a significant prostate cancer, that may sound strange, but a lot of prostate cancer is very low grade as opposed to high grade cancers which will kill you and we are developing tests to determine those high grade cancers.

Also our techniques of surgery have improved dramatically. Robotic surgery for example is exellent for prostate cancer because it gets into those nukes and cranes remember that prostate is deep inside the pelvis. So our techniques there have improved dramatically and there are new treatments for radiation, and radiation therapy now is more targeted and allows for a less side effects.