What Can Men Do To Manage Stress and Anxiety and Feel Happier?

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[BLANK_AUDIO] You know I always get a question about stress and unfortunately, it's difficult to pinpoint how to elevate stress for all people. However for men, one of the things that I know occurs a lot that would help a stress level is believe it or not, getting more sleep. In this country, we always think which is the less sleep and more macho we are.

I see four hours, that's good. No, usually, for most men, you need ready for this, 8 to 10 hours of sleep. Once you get that sleep, you feel a lot better. Then the other thing is getting into shape. Getting into shape by dieting and exercise. Now, dieting is important of course, but exercise is critically important because it improves the endorphin levels in your brain.

Because when you're exercising, you feel great, don't you? So that's what you really need to do and of course, I always say that sex is the parameter of a relationship, your health and your stress level. So the more sex and the more interplay you have when you're in a relationship, the happier and less stressed you will be.