What Are Appetite Suppressants?

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The appetite suppressants that are available by prescription work by altering some levels of chemicals within your brain. Most specifically serotonin and that neurotransmitting chemical that's in the brain also is changed by the anti depressant. So you do need to be careful when you try these medications and be honest with your doctor about all of the medications that you're taking.

But what happens is, with those different levels of Serotonin the brain chemicals, your body stops being hungry sooner and you can also stave off some of those cravings that you've had a hard time trying to stave off with willpower alone. It's very important with the appetite suppressants that you tell your doctor all of the medications including the supplements that you're taking, because by changing your brain chemistry, you can be at risk for some of the complications.

Specifically, worsening depression and seizures, so make sure that you're very honest with your doctor and you lay out all of the pills that you're taking to make sure that these are safe for you.